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Small business coaching to help you grow with confidence


When you started your business, you had dreams of freedom, flexibility and lots of other things that just don't seem to have happened the way you planned. You probably feel a bit isolated and the weeks fly by without working 'on' the business. You are wrapped up working 'in' the business and maybe lacking direction or focus. You have maybe lost momentum, and it can be hard when you have no management team to bounce ideas off of. Your business is doing 'OK' but you know it could be better.

You don't have to do this alone!

We can help by being by your side when you need us, either virtually or in person, whichever your budget suits. We can build a package that works for you.

Investing in business coaching and taking advantage of our 20 years experience in the industry will give you return on investment in the following areas and it will be you making all the best changes and investing in yourself and your team for the future.

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 The Path to Success 

Coaching will help you to see the bigger picture and gain clarity on what you want to achieve with your business. We can help you to set realistic measures that define your own success not comparing yourself to others.

We can create short and long term goals that will help you to boost client numbers, referrals and sales.

The process will help you to become clear about your role as leader and feel confident making the big decisions and what systems to put in place to grow your business.

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 The conscience on your shoulder 

We will be on your side! A friendly voice of support to stretch your comfort zone and challenge you to think differently and try new things.

We will support you and be honest and open with feedback. To get stuff done sometimes you need someone to nail you down and ask the tough questions!

When you feel a but stuck or overwhelmed we will help you to take a step back and breathe, giving you time and space to work on your business and your own professional development.


 A typical area where new business owners struggle 

Do you understand your numbers? You are making money but could you be making more?

Are you charging the right amount in line with your cost base? How are you positioned in the market place? Are you charging what you are worth? What are the mental blocks? Have you considered all these things?

It is so important to know your model and the targets you need to hit. We will help you to build a tracker that will help you understand your core KPI's and make sure you are on the right track with the right type of work and customers.


 The old 'Work life balance' 

Are you getting the most out of your time? How good are you at prioritising tasks. We can help you with structure, and systems that can help you feel more in control and create more time for yourself and family.

Have you looked to see how you can automate some of your tasks? What technology is out there to help?

Learning to let go of some stuff and delegate responsibility to your team can be challenging for a small business owner. Let us help you.


 We are not all naturally creative 

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start when it comes to creative marketing. Nowadays everything is focussed online with blogs, youtubers, instagram and Facebook. Most small businesses have no strategy around this but with some cost effective software and a plan a lot of the stress can be taken away.

We can help with inspiration for content and help you to find your voice in the busy world of Plumbing and Drains.

How are you going to be different, what is your USP?

Want us to manage your online presence or just some support to get you going?


 Fear holds you back 

Confidence is everything. When you first started out you were full of it, but a few knocks and hard lessons have dented your confidence in some areas. We cant all be good at everything remember!

You may be technically brilliant but sometimes you don't feel as comfortable with some of the 'business' things.

Let us help you, we can work on some personal development techniques and we can share some excellent books, audio and video that can inspire you to achieve more than you believed was possible.

We are happy to support and personally coach you through challenging times to get you on the right track.

Ask us about our coaching packages, we can design them just for you and build them alongside other services we offer. We like to build long term relationships and strongly believe that we should work with you for 12 months as a minimum but we are happy to look at all options.

We can provide face to face, Microsoft Teams/Facetime/Zoom/Google Meet support or a mixture of both depending on your budget.

Pricing can be discounted for longer commitments and you can spread the cost monthly throughout the year.

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