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Skills Bootcamps - Drainage

Are you an employer looking for new enthusiastic people to join your business without having the worry and cost of recruitment and training?


We know how hard it is to get good people!

We can provide you with fully trained and 'oven ready' drainage engineers, assistants and office staff, all you have to do is interview them and give them a trial.

The learners will be trained by experienced professionals from the industry with over 25 years of experience in:

  • Introduction to drainage sector, legislation, components

  • E&D Safeguarding, Prevent Duty, Mental Health

  • L3 Award in Emergency First Aid at work

  • (EUSR) SHEA Drains & Sewers

  • WJA Safety Awareness

  • WJA Drain and Sewer Cleaning

  • Drain Investigation

  • Drainage Surveying and coding using MSCC5 standards

  • Awareness of Drainage repair techniques

  • Confined Space Awareness

  • Emergency Plumbing for drainage engineers

  • Practical case studies in domestic drainage

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Employability skills in the drainage sector

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What are skills bootcamps?

Skills Bootcamps are free training courses of up to 3 weeks for learners living in England, giving people the opportunity to build up industry specific skills.

These have been developed as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, helping everyone gain skills for life and providing the perfect first step into a new career. The Government initiative is designed to close the skills gap in the UK that has been intensified by the disruption that coronavirus caused to job sectors and businesses.
Skills Bootcamps are a great way to progress in a current position with the support of your employer, change careers, or secure new employment.

More info on government website here

Who are they for?

Skills Bootcamps are for:

  • Adults aged 19 or over as of the 31st August 2023

  • Learners who are in work and have their employer's support or who are self-employed and looking to grow their business

  • Learners who are recently unemployed or returning to work after a break and are looking to get started with an entry-level job in a new sector

  • Learners who are looking to build upon a Skills Bootcamp by completing an apprenticeship in their chosen topic

  • Applicants who have lived in England for at least the last 3 consecutive years, and have the right to work in the United Kingdom (there are exceptions for Ukraine or Afghanistan nationals)

  • Learners who are not currently undertaking any formal education, including another Skills Bootcamp

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Benefits to learners

  • Guaranteed job interview (for those unemployed or looking to change careers)

  • Perfect for individuals looking to change their career through upskilling

  • Delivered face to face by industry qualified and experienced professionals

  • Perfect for individuals who are looking to study a new industry and change direction

  • Engaging and interactive activities that stretch learners’ thinking and help put their new, extended knowledge into practice

  • Expert curriculum tutors are assigned to provide the support learners need to succeed

  • Develop learners’ knowledge, skills and confidence to enhance their future work and life

  • Personalised learning support from our excellent team of Learner Support Advisors

Some comments from bootcamp learners about our drainage course...

"The atmosphere, interpersonal skills, and smiles are contagious"

"This course has been brilliant and the satisfaction I have from being on this course is amazing feel like and I am going to make sure I continue to up skill my knowledge and understanding of the drainage industry"

"The staff's knowledge and experience are top-notch."

"The tutors were very supportive throughout the course."


Benefits to employers

  • Save time and money on recruitment by employing dedicated candidates who have already completed one of our Skills Bootcamps who we will match directly to your current vacancies

  • Have people ready and trained with all the essential H&S and technical skills to get them up and running and productive immediately

  • Learners come with recognised industry qualifications from EUSR and the WJA

  • Develop a loyal and talented workforce with the skills you need swiftly

  • Find people quickly and who are ready to and willing to work

  • Improve productivity; staff are motivated to learn new skills, provide new ideas and a fresh perspective

  • Be able to interview learners specifically for your area or nationally depending on your operation

  • Option to employ multiple learners, or to interview learners with a view to other vacancies

  • Work with people that know your industry and understand the needs of your business

Most importantly.....

There is no cost to you the employer

Your only commitment is to interview the learners we find for you and ideally offer them roles in your business!

 Bootcamps are available now around the country 
  • Bristol - February

  • Liverpool - February 

  • Bournemouth - March

  • Leeds - April 

  • Birmingham - May

  • Leicester - June 

  • Crawley - July 

  • Liverpool - September

  • Peterborough - October 

  • Bicester - November

  • Liverpool - February

  • Maidstone - March

  • Watford - May

  • Liverpool - June

* Locations may change depending on demand

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Some Employers We're Already Working With

Want to work with us and get access to new enthusiastic trained employees?

Feel Free to Contact Us for More Information

Dave Rambridge
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Dave has been in the industry for 25 years and has extensive experience in running drainage businesses

Selina Bradbury
07530 160050
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 Account Manager 

Selina has lots of hands on experience in the drainage industry having worked for Dyno Rod improving service delivery in the field

Simon Goddard
  • Grey LinkedIn Icon


Simon had been in the industry for 20 years with hands on experience managing engineers and vast technical knowledge

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