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Training In the classroom, online or 1-2-1


We can offer drainage and plumbing training courses to suit your needs, either bespoke to you or from the suite of our very best training courses put together with over 25 years of experience. We offer great discounts for NADC members so why not see what we can do for you.

If you require courses built specifically for you, we can help. Our courses are learner lead and not just a load of power point slides like some other providers.

Value for Money

Affordable prices & flexibility

Qualified Trainers

Industry recognised


Recognition for all attendees


Detailed Industry knowledge

Great Locations

and we can come to you too!

Relevant Courses

Designed for the industry

     1 day business course for owners and managers     

Essential Management Systems

Various locations around the UK or we can come to you.

Check locations on booking page

The NADC have worked with DRBi Ltd to produce a one-day course aimed at helping plumbing and drainage businesses demonstrate professionalism and work to recognised quality systems and processes used in the industry. The course is aimed at business owners and their managers/supervisors looking to grow and implement some standard operating practices and improve their knowledge in key areas of management and business administration.

The course is designed to support the DrainSafe accreditation and has sections specifically focused on areas of management structure in addition to the technical training courses that are available through the National Drainage Academy.

Course Covers (1707 x 1174 px).png

The aims and objectives of this course are to give the delegates more confidence in managing, administering and growing their business by understanding and learning about key areas of running a plumbing and/or drainage business. Focussing on 6 core areas that will benefit the business, the course leader is a company that has over 25 years’ experience managing and operating successfully in the industry. The course also provides good grounding and preparation for businesses that are looking to start the ISO9001 application process.




     1 day course for your employees to supercharge their customer service skills     

Customer Service Excellence

Various locations around the UK


We can come to you (min day rate will apply)

The NADC have been working with DRBi Ltd to provide a 1-day customer service course that can really take your service to the next level. Put together and refined over 20 years, this course includes all the top tips from the top companies with proven results. This is not your everyday customer service course, it’s much more interesting and interactive. You will learn the psychology behind great outcomes and learn a lot about yourself in the process.

The course objective is for the delegates to leave with more confidence and new skills to deal with customers face to face and on the phone, so it’s useful for both field and office staff. The course will give the delegates a chance to improve how they communicate with customers and in turn open up better opportunities to upsell and prevent any complaints or dissatisfaction. This is a must for all employees and managers that deal with customers and we believe it should be revisited every 3 years to ensure the skills are mastered.

Course Covers (1707 x 1174 px).png

All the material is related to the drainage and plumbing industry and real-life industry stories and examples are used.

The benefits to you and your business are obvious. Happier customers, happier staff, more potential revenue from upselling and less chances for things to go wrong. By attending this course, you will have the edge on your competitors who haven’t and it is a fun and engaging day.




Want a Bespoke Course at Your Location?

We can come to you and deliver the course. If you want to save downtime we can offer weekend courses too. We can even tailor the material to your brand.


Technical Training

We can offer a number of technical courses through our training partners and the National Drainage Academy.

  • SHEA Drains and Sewers

  • NADC Certified Drain Surveyor

  • NADC Electro-Mechanical and Milling

  • NADC High Pressure Water Jetting

  • Emergency Plumbing for Drainage Engineers

If you want to raise the skillset in your business then we can help with the technical training you need.

We can deliver a lot of different solutions for you and your business through DRBi and our technical training partners across the UK and Ireland.


If you require bespoke training we can arrange that too.

We work closely with NADC approved training providers to ensure all training is properly accredited and approved for the industry.

We support the DRAIN SAFE accreditation and can help you to achieve this with all the required elements for certification.

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     The future of learning in the industry     


On-board and train your workforce remotely

At DRBi we are big advocates of mobile learning. We believe this is the best way to motivate, enthuse and empower your learners without overloading them with too much information. Micro-learning supports bite sized learning modules of no more than 5 minutes delivered direct to the users phone and are interactive fun visual and audible learning experiences.

We work with a fantastic partner who supply some of the largest companies in the world to bring this fantastic technology to the plumbing and drainage industry. We have already installed this great product into some large drainage businesses in the UK and are getting really positive feedback.


Talk to us about how we can help you implement this into your growing business. This is ideal for operations that have a large field workforce and will have 20 or more users.

We can design content or convert your current content into interactive learning, you can get all the important messages and learning out there in the field and also demonstrate compliance in all the right places. Call us now to find out more.

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