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"David proved himself to be a top franchise business coach. He impressed me with his business and technical acumen. Always coming up with creative solutions, providing strong leadership and delivering on his promises. His ability to communicate and get “buy in” from his franchisees and colleagues was impressive. David is a knowledgeable dedicated hard worker but what impressed me the most was his own character. His loyalty, honesty, professionalism, and ability to empathise is what sets David apart."

- Pierre Jeannes
Managing Director, Drain Doctor

"Dave is a natural leader in business, it is very rare that you meet people who inspire and always deliver what they promise with exceptional results. Strategic thinking, managerial and operational talents are only a few of the talents that Dave possesses. I have seen first hand the commitment to bring to life and to market forward thinking advise and solutions that has supported and given the DYNO franchisees confidence and an amazing opportunity to develop and grow their businesses. Dave is a gifted, talented and exceptional businessman who always considers how he can make a difference to help others succeed. From the moment you have a chat and meet with Dave you will know exactly what l mean."

- Heather Carter
Founder Prospect Connect

"Working with Dave, was an absolute pleasure over the years. He is committed to whatever the task is and his support, advice and professionalism will help anyone to achieve their goals. Whoever gets to work with Dave (or "Rambo", as we affectionately know him)in his new role, either alongside or other, are truly privileged and he is going to be missed within our network."

- Kelly Chadwick
Dyno Rod Franchise Owner

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dave in two businesses. He’s a genuine professional. His considerable experience in operations management has given him a tremendous understanding of the dynamics of effective service delivery and this alone explains why his training skills are second to none. However, beyond that his passion, conscientious attitude and integrity make him a thoroughly decent guy and someone who will make very positive impact on any business he works with."

- Clive Smith
Managing Director Dyno-Rod

"Dave is a terrific Franchise leader and colleague. He's very strong at building effective relationships, engagement, business development and sustaining key accounts. As a colleague, he's hard working, keeps the strategy in mind and uses his personal strengths to achieve results."

- Nick Stojic
Former Head of Franchising McDonalds

"DRBi and David Rambridge have been training our staff in Customer Service and communication skills. We have trained 44 staff over 4 weekends this year and the feedback has been excellent. We love investing in our people to ensure our customers get the best service possible and our staff enjoy coming to work. The reviews of the course speak for themselves and it proves to be a great motivator for the team too."

- Malcolm Travers
Managing Director Biomarsh Environmental
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